Flexible Industrieanwendungen
Steer-by-Wire Drive-by-Wire Space Drive

Flexible in use - industrial space drive applications

Space Drive 2 Demonstrationsstand

Individual application possibilities - depending on requirements

The primary functions of accelerator, brake and steering have hardly changed mechanically for a long time. Until now, they have dominated the "look and feel" of the interior and traditional driving. But slowly a change is taking place.

Modern systems "by wire" like Space Drive, are "real & ready" for highly and fully automated driving via drive-by-wire technology. An adaptive retrofittable system for series production vehicles, prototypes and test vehicles, agricultural machinery, special vehicles, off-highway applications or unmanned ground vehicles. The application possibilities are manifold. TÜV-approved, the computer unit (ECU) fulfils the highest requirements according to the safety standards ISO 26262 ASIL D. The entire system is also road legal.

Interesting project examples

Holder mit eingebautem Steer by Wire System
Remote-controlled in the danger zone: Holder special vehicle
Space Drive

One of numerous special vehicles that prove themselves in daily use with Space Drive technology.

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Prototyp mit SteerbyWire System
Electromobility with high-tech ForceFeedback Steering

Prototype realised with electric drive and fail-safe steer-by-wire steering with ForceFeedback function.

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Autonomer BMW i3 mit Space Drive
Autonomous test vehicle: BMW I3 with Fraunhofer Institute
Space Drive

Realisation of an autonomously driving test vehicle based on a BMW I3 of the Fraunhofer Institute.

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The uniqueness of the Space Drive System lies in the wide range of possible applications. In principle, we can integrate the technology into any type and form of vehicle.

Rolf Gramenske, Director of Technical Sales at Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co.KG
Off Highway Anwendung

Off-Highway Applications

Safe technology: Space Drive enables driving in critical situations without a human being sitting in the cockpit. The driver gets out, activates the radio remote control and controls the vehicle from outside. Ideal for humanitarian missions, military operations or extreme terrain.

Einsatz in der Landwirtschaftstechnik

Use in specialised and special-purpose vehicles

Communities are using space drive technology in their fleets, there is great interest in agriculture, and drive-by-wire is also becoming more and more important for haulage companies and depots. Dispensing with mechanical steering will also bring decisive advantages here in the future.

Anwendungsfall Behindertenmobilitaet

Use in mobility for the disabled

The origins of Space Drive technology lie in mobility for the disabled. For over 20 years, Space Drive has been moving people with physical disabilities around the world.


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