Prototyp mit SteerbyWire System
Steer-by-Wire Drive-by-Wire

Electromobility with high-tech ForceFeedback Steering

Electric Prototype realised with fail-safe steer-by-wire steering incl. ForceFeedback function.

Based on a Roding Roadster, a prototype with electric drive and fail-safe steer-by-wire steering with force feedback function was realised in a joint project (including Siemens). The steering signals are digitised via a steering wheel and forwarded to the Space Drive System. From there, the signals are transmitted fail-safe (fail operational) to servo motors that are installed directly on the steering gear. A mechanical steering column is no longer necessary.

Pictures from the project

Prototyp mit SteerbyWire System
E-Mobilität Prototyp mit Space Drive03
E-Mobilität Prototyp mit Space Drive04
E-Mobilität Prototyp mit Space Drive


Rolf Gramenske
PM Stefan Weller