Smart Roadster mit eingebautem SD 2
Drive-by-Wire Space Drive Steer-by-Wire

Showcar OEM 2016 mit Space Drive

Eyecatcher on the roads developed with TU Munich - at the time the first road-legal drive-by-wire car.

We developed this eye-catcher on the roads together with Prof. Dr. Spiegelberg from the Technical University of Munich - at the time, it was the first drive-by-wire car to be approved for road use. You won't find a steering wheel or pedal in this roadster. All primary functions are controlled via an integrated digital joystick. Even automated driving is possible in this model thanks to radio remote control.

Pictures from the project

Smart Roadster mit Space Drive02
Smart Roadster mit Space Drive03
Smart Roadster mit Space Drive04
Smart Roadster mit eingebautem SD 2