Eingangsbereich Mobility Innovation Center Aichelau
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Our locations

Schaeffler Paravan is an innovative joint venture. This is also reflected in the choice of locations. The roots of space drive technology lie in the Swabian town of Pfronstetten-Aichelau at PARAVAN GmbH. Here, projects are realised in the newly created Mobility Innovation Centre, connections are made in the automotive industry and the racing and test vehicles are built and maintained. At the same time, the course is being set for system development and industrialisation at the Schaeffler site in Herzogenaurach. Perfect synergies for successful growth.  

Location Highlights

Eingangsbereich Mobility Innovation Center Aichelau

Test and trial park Aichelau


Direct contact with the parent company

Zwei Schaeffler Paravan Mitarbeiter sitzen im Besprechungszimmer

Start-up mentality


State-of-the-art Innovation Center

Karte Deutschland

Automotive Location Southern Germany

MIC Aichelau

Mobility Innovation Center Aichelau

The state-of-the-art Mobility Innovation Center (MIC) in Pfronstetten-Aichelau, newly built in 2021, is home to Schaeffler Paravan's development department, racing team, sales and administration, among others.

In addition to modern office and conference areas, a compact test and trial centre with a driving dynamics area, innovative measuring equipment and a handling course is currently being built next to the MIC. This ensures short distances between project management, development and testing and enables quick decisions.

Schaeffler Headquarter

Schaeffler Paravan Herzogenaurach

Group power and start-up mentality. Both come together at the Schaeffler Group headquarters in Herzogenaurach. And the colleagues are working flat out on the next evolutionary stages of Space Drive.

At the heart of the Schaeffler Group, approximately 30 employees of Schaeffler Paravan work directly at the heart of the drive-by-wire technology Space Drive. The aim is to perfectly adapt and industrialise the technology to the needs of partners from the automotive industry. Data obtained from the projects realised in Aichelau and successfully completed test kilometres on the race track flow directly into system development here without delay.