Steer-by-Wire Drive-by-Wire Autonomous Driving

One steering technology - countless fields of application

Mechanical steering has changed continuously over a long period of time. It dominated the look and feel of the interior and traditional driving. But now a change is taking place. Modern steer-by-wire systems are ready for highly and fully automated driving. Space Drive from Schaeffler Paravan is a digital steering system for series production vehicles, prototypes, test vehicles, agricultural machinery or unmanned ground vehicles. The application possibilities are diverse.

Fields of application for Space Drive

Anwendung Autonomous Driving Fahrzeuginnenraum

Autonomous driving



Anwendungsbereich Off-Road

Off-road applications


Industrial applications


Mobility for the disabled


Special & custom vehicles

Teaser Urban Mobility

Mobility for the city of tomorrow

For autonomous people movers, self-driving cargo shuttles and other urban transport concepts that require neither a steering wheel nor a driver, the use of fail-safe drive-by-wire technology is a basic prerequisite.

Highlight Projects

Janis McDavid fährt Space Drive in seinem Sprinter
Joystick Racer - Janis McDavid
Space Drive

Brand ambassador Janis McDavid drives full throttle on race track in converted steer-by-wire racing car with joystick steering - without arms or legs.

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SAM Car mit Kinnsteuerung von PARAVAN
Project Sam Car: Steering by head movement
Space Drive

Paraplegic racing driver drives 650 hp Corvette thanks to Space Drive.

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Peoplemover mit Steer-by-Wire system als Projektreferenz
Automated driving using the example of "Olli
Autonomous Driving
Space Drive

"Olli" - A realised project example for automated driving.

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Teaser Industrieanwendungen

The diversity of industrial applications

For tractors and harvesters, in mining and off-highway applications, for platooning and automated production vehicles. platooning and automated production vehicles - as an adaptive system, Space Drive can be adapted to all kinds of industrial steering requirements. The possible applications? Almost unlimited!

Racing Anwendung Space Drive

From Track to Road

Racing is the ultimate booster for the development of new vehicle technologies. It relentlessly shows limits, pushes technology to its performance limits and promotes important insights for road use.

Impressions from the race track

Steer-by-Wire auf dem Nuerburgring
Teamwork Boxenstop
Dank Space Drive auf dem DTM Podest
24h Rennen mit Space Drive
Das Space Drive DTM Team
Porsche Cayman GT4 mit Space Drive
GT3 Fahrzeuge mit Space Drive
Audi GT3 R8 LMS mit Steer-by-wire
Markus Winkelhock faehrt Space Drive

The variety of possible applications and uses for our steer-by-wire technology steer-by-wire technology Space Drive is simply impressive. Our system has been approved as an adaptive digital steering system for virtually every conceivable type of vehicle.

Stefan Weller, Key Account Manager New Mobility / Industry Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co.KG

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