Futuristisches Fahrzeug mit Space Drive 2
Steer-by-Wire Drive-by-Wire Space Drive

Showcar for the IAA in Frankfurt

Realisation of a self-driving show car.for a leading car manufacturer

For a leading car manufacturer, we helped to realise a self-driving show car for the 2018 International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The study was equipped with our digital and fail-safe Space Drive technology. In addition, the Drive-by-Wire system from Schaeffler Paravan was enhanced with a remote function. The concept vehicle shows how autonomous driving could make car sharing even more convenient, easier and economically efficient in the future. The vision of urban mobility of the future - it is the most radical carsharing concept car ever: fully autonomous, maximally communicative, friendly, comprehensively personalisable and, of course, electric.

Pictures from the project

Showcar 01
Showcar 02
Showcar 03
Showcar Smart evision auf der Straße