Space Drive - Next Generation Steering
Space Drive Space Drive 2.8 Space Drive 3 AddOn

Space Drive - Key Technology for autonomous driving

The first road-legal digital steering system

Vehicle steering will change completely in the coming years. The next generation of vehicles will hit the road without a mechanical steering column. Instead, the steering of the future will be digital - by wire! With Space Drive, Schaeffler Paravan offers the only road-approved steer-by-wire system in the world. Space Drive makes the mechanical connection between steering wheel and steering gear superfluous. Next Generation Steering!

Space Drive Highlights

Tesla Model 3 Fahrzeuginnenraum ohne Lenkrad

New interior concepts


Experience from 1 bil. km on the road


Plus in terms of safety (no steering column)

Redundante Sicherheitsarchitektur

Redundant security architecture

Personalisierte Fahrdynamik

Personalised driving dynamics


The successful basis: Space Drive 2

Space Drive 2 is already considered a milestone in automotive development. Developed for disabled mobility, it is the first road-approved drive-by-wire system with multiple redundancy. The system is installed in over 8,500 vehicles and is on the roads of the world every day...


One system - many possibilities

Steer-by-Wire Tesla Model 3
Motionboard mit Straßenzulassung von Paravan
Rennwagen mit Drive-by-Wire system
Schaeffler Mover in der Bildgalerie SpaceDrive
Behindertengerechter Fahrzeugumbau eines Ford Custom
Ein steer-by-wire Fahrzeug fährt auf der Straße
Radlader als Anwendungsbeispiel

The evolution of a system

Space Drive is evolving. From the current system to the key technology for the mobility of the future. The data from the race track and the road flow directly into the development process, are processed and adapted.

Space Drive is an absolutely reliable drive-by-wire technology. It is road-legal and offers an incredible treasure trove of data from over 1 billion kilometres driven on the road. This is what we are building the digital steering of the future on.

Hubert Hügle, CTO of Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co.KG
Demonstration des neuesten Space Drive AddOn

Ready for serial production

The next generation of the Space Drive "by-wire" driving and steering system - Space Drive 3 AddOn - marks the entry into series production and is an important key technology for autonomous driving.

In addition, the technology is an important interface for data transmission with regard to a for maximum active safety. Since 2018, Schaeffler Paravan has been developing the next generation of the innovative steering system and is thus taking the next step: Space Drive 3 AddOn stands for the entry into series production. It is intended to comply with the standards and norms of the automotive industry and support the homologation of new vehicles to be developed.

Space Drive in animation

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Andreas Frisch Mitarbeiter Schaeffler Paravan