Schaeffler Mover in urbaner Umgebung
Drive-by-Wire Mover

Rolling Chassis - Flexible Urban Mobility Platforms

Mover autonomer People Shuttle

The vehicle platform for a wide range of mobility solutions

A vehicle platform serves as the basis for various automated vehicle variants and demonstrates a novel, flexible mobility solution. The Schaeffler Mover is based on the easily scalable "Rolling Chassis" vehicle platform and can be combined with different body variants for different applications.

The "Rolling Chassis" is a scalable platform that combines various technologies in different dimensions for locally emission-free mobility solutions. In terms of steering and drive, a wide range of variants can be implemented depending on customer requirements - from a simple drive to an E-axle and central steering to the use of four "Schaeffler Intelligent Corner Modules".

Key Facts Rolling Chassis

90 Grad Räder

90 degree steering


Scalable platform solution

Puzzle Icon für Modularität

Modularly constructed

Blick in die CPU des Space Drive 2 Systems

Space Drive Inside


Road approved

The aim of the Rolling Chassis and thus of the Schaeffler Mover is to provide the most universal and cost-effective platform for as many different passenger and goods transport tasks as possible.

Dr. Manfred Kraus, Head of Mover Development, Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co. KG
Plattform des Schaeffler Movers

One platform - a wide range of applications

The technology platform of the Schaeffler Mover is designed in such a way that various vehicle bodies can be realised for a wide range of applications. From flexible cargo to innovative people movers for the urban mobility of tomorrow.

Flexible in many spaces

The four drive modules ensure high manoeuvrability: In the "Schaeffer Intelligent Corner Modules", all drive and chassis components are housed in a space-saving unit - wheel hub motor, wheel suspension including suspension and the electromechanical steering. Thanks to the electric drive, the Mover operates with zero local emissions. The "Schaeffler Intelligent Corner Module" also enables a wheel lock of up to 90 degrees. This allows the Schaeffler Mover to manoeuvre in narrow streets and even park sideways to let passengers in and out. Turning on the spot is also possible.

Futuristische Stadt mit Urban Mobility Konzepten

Future Topic Urban Mobility

Alternative drives, modern and flexible platforms that travel autonomously on the streets of the modern metropolis. With the Rolling Chassis and Space Drive technology, we offer solutions.



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