Space Drive 2 - already at home on the streets of the world


Drive-by-wire in a new dimension - mature, reliable, ready for use.

Space Drive 2 is already considered a milestone in automotive development: the sophisticated system is the first drive-by-wire technology with road approval. Developed and produced according to the highest safety standards.

Space Drive 2 is a perfectly coordinated operating system of hardware and software with a revolutionary safety concept. The system enables multi-redundant control of engine, brake and steering. The basis for manual driving without a steering column, trajectory-based driving and future fully automated driving - reliable and road-legal.


Overview of product features:


  • Fail-safe system (fail-operational) due to 3-fold redundant ECU as well as redundant actuators
  • System voltages 12V and 24V
  • Redundant power supply (backup battery)
  • Road approval according to ECE-R-13, ECE-R-79 and ECE-R-10 (ISO 16750-P5) in Europe as well as worldwide acceptance and use
  • Add-on solution with individual approval by TÜV
  • No speed limit
  • Adaptable to almost all vehicle platforms and applications
  • Control of steering, accelerator, brake and secondary functions
  • Open and redundant interface (2x CAN, 2x LIN, 2x FlexRay)
  • Basic technology for autonomous driving

Key Facts Space Drive 2

Redundante Sicherheitsarchitektur

Fail Operational: Safety through triple redundancy

Autotypen für Space Drive

Flexible use: Fits any vehicle type

1 Mrd Testkilometer

1 Bil. KM on the Road

Integrierbarkeit des Systems

Open interfaces CAN, Lin, FlexRay


Road approved


Adaptive system

Janis McDavid fährt Space Drive in seinem Sprinter

Over 1 billion kilometres on the road

Space Drive 2 was developed for use in mobility for the disabled. For 20 years, the system has been helping people with physical disabilities to participate safely in road traffic. Worldwide, 9,000 systems are in use - a wealth of experience from over 1 billion kilometres driven.

Blick in die CPU des Space Drive 2 Systems

How does Space Drive technology work - a brief overview

At the core of the Space Drive system is an ECU with a customised software package and a revolutionary safety concept. The ECU and software process digital or analogue input signals in real time.

It simultaneously computes these input signals with the essential vehicle data, such as brake signal and speed, and then passes these signals on to servo motors to control the accelerator and brake pedals as well as the steering, after a logical validity check. The vehicle steers, brakes and accelerates purely "by-wire" without mechanical connections.

The Space Drive driving and steering system as a key technology for autonomous driving.

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