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Space Drive Steer-by-Wire Space Drive 3 AddOn

Space Drive 3 AddOn - The next step towards an autonomous future

Ready for the series

Since 2018, the joint venture Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co KG has been developing the next generation of the innovative steering system, marking the next step: Space Drive 3 AddOn stands for entry into series production. To this end, it is to comply with the standards and norms of the automotive industry and support the homologation of new vehicles to be developed.


The redundant system relies on a consistent safety concept for vehicles with functional safety relevance, developed according to the ASPICE process, and meets the highest requirements according to the ISO 26262 safety standard. Automobile manufacturers benefit from maximum scalability while at the same time having the greatest possible scope for model- and vehicle-specific customisation.

Space Drive 3 AddOn Highlights

Puzzle Icon für Modularität

Modularly constructed



ISO 26262 Icon

Developed according to ISO 26262


Scalable architecture

Integrierbarkeit des Systems

Full integration capability

Space Drive 3 AddOn Modul

Guide to use in the series

An important milestone on the way to steer-by-wire in large-scale production - both for road vehicles and for people movers or vehicle solutions for operation on private industrial sites, for example ports, logistics centres or airports. An enormous added value with regard to the integration of already existing driver assistance systems.

Space Drive 3 AddOn is designed for small-scale production and is the basis for the future integrated large-scale production solution. The control unit and software provide an important platform for further development. The AUTOSAR-based system also enables a direct connection to the vehicle electronics. This is an enormous added value with regard to the integration of already existing driver assistance systems. Space Drive 3 AddOn is designed for small series production and represents the basis for the future integrated large-scale production solution.

Space Drive 3 is a big milestone for us. It allows us to offer our customers a production-ready steer-by-wire system with maximum scalability and flexibility. The next important step is then the integrated solution.

Roland Arnold, CEO of Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & CO.KG

Space Drive 3 AddOn - The features at a glance

Ein Vergleich der Space Drive Systeme
Feature Space Drive 3 AddOn
Flexible in use Yes
BLDC actuators Yes
Digital position sensors (3-way, double redundancy) Yes
Force Feedback HMI as an option
A-SPICE compliant development (Capability level 1) Yes
Fail-operational in operation Yes
ISO 2626 compliant development Yes
Mercedes AMG GT3 am Boxenstopp

Space Drive 3 AddOn with Racing-DNA

The "From Track to Road" concept is an important part of the development of Space Drive 3, such as at the ADAC Total 24h Nürburgring with the Mercedes-AMG GT3.

HWA in einem AMG C63

Mechatronic solutions for more comfort and safety

If required, the system can be supplemented by a Hand Wheel Actuator (HWA) with Force Feedback Module, which replaces the classic steering wheel with a mechanical steering column with a mechatronic actuator system.

This allows for optimisation of the installation space and enables entirely new interior concepts - for example, by stowing the steering wheel in the dashboard, which will play an important role especially in semi-autonomous driving (Level 3). In addition, the system enables the suppression of unwanted disturbances, such as strong impacts from the road, as well as the realisation of new driving dynamics functions through a variable steering ratio.

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