Why We Race
Why we race
Racing is the ultimate accelerator for the development of new technologies in vehicle manufacturing. It relentlessly reveals the limits, pushes technology to the limits of its capabilities and promotes important insights for road use.
What works in racing will later also work in series production. At Schaeffler Paravan, we use this approach to test and further develop the revolutionary steer-by-wire technology Space Drive. The technology has been approved by the DMSB since 2019 and is now also firmly anchored in the DTM regulations. It's not just about testing a new technology: we're breaking with 125 years of automotive history and doing away with conventional mechanical steering. We are convinced that the steering of the future is digital! We are now laying the foundations for this on the race track.

Showcase DTM

If you want to get better, you should measure yourself against the best. The new DTM is predestined for this: Top drivers, fair and tough competition and, thanks to the new GT3 regulations, a wide variety of major automobile brands.
That doesn't just excite motorsport fans worldwide. It also makes the DTM the ideal innovation and marketing platform for Space Drive! Three cars, three brands, two male drivers and one female driver, three times Space Drive in the ultimate endurance test!

Current race dates

On the following dates we will be on the race track.
Endurance race 24 H
03. – 06.06.2021
18. - 20.06.2021
23. - 25.07.2021
06. - 08.08.2021
20. - 22.08.2021
03. - 05.09.2021
Red Bull Ring
17. - 19.09.2021
01. - 03.10.2021
14. - 16.05.2021
Motorsport Arena Oschersleben
11. - 13.06.2021
Red Bull Ring (A)
06. - 08.08.2021
22. - 24.10.2021
25. - 27.06.2021
ADAC Racing Weekend Oschersleben
30. - 01.08.2021
ADAC Racing Weekend Nürburgring
27. - 29.08.2021
ADAC Racing Weekend Assen
10. - 12.09.2021
ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring
17. - 19.09.2021
ADAC Racing Weekend Hockenheimring
14. - 17.10.2021
Spain / Salou (nur Vorwagen)
04. - 06.11.2021
24. Int. ADMV-Lausitz-Rallye
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Space Drive: A product in transformation
Motorsport is both a technology platform and a development laboratory for Schaeffler Paravan. Testing under extreme conditions on various tracks and with different drivers provides important impetus for further system development.
A further development of the previous Space Drive technology, which originated in mobility for the disabled, into a key technology for the mobility concepts of the future. The extensive data from the race track flows directly into the development process, where it is further processed and adapted. The findings and improvements are then tested directly on the race track. This creates a continuous transformation process with planned milestones and intermediate steps, leading to the final integrated series solution. Racing as a development accelerator!

Space Drive: On the road worldwide

20 years of experience, 1 billion kilometres on the road and over 8,500 systems in operation worldwide: this is the impressive basis on which Space Drive and future further developments are built.
The elimination of mechanical steering is not a vision, but reality for thousands of people with disabilities. A wealth of experience that Schaeffler Paravan is adding to with knowledge from racing and pilot projects that have already been implemented. The goal: the digital steering of the future - Next Generation Steering!

One system. Diverse fields of application!

With a wealth of experience from a billion kilometres driven, Schaeffler Paravan supports renowned manufacturers from the automotive and supplier industry in forward-looking projects.
The task: to bring autonomous test vehicles, prototypes and functional models safely onto the road with Space Drive. The fields of application are complex and universal: mobility for the disabled, racing, logistics solutions, agriculture and forestry - all the way to New Mobility and autonomous driving in Level 5.
Visionary tinkerers and developers
Schaeffler Paravan is a young, dynamic and creative company of visionaries, tinkerers and developers with one big goal - to digitally drive the steering of the future.
In the German towns of Aichelau and Herzogenaurach, international software and hardware specialists are working at full speed to further develop the multiple award-winning Space Drive technology (including the Rudolf Diesel Medal 2021) and adapt it to the needs of future mobility, towards the central control unit for autonomous driving in Level 5. With the founding of Schaeffler Paravan as a joint venture between Schaeffler Technologies and PARAVAN, visionary and managing partner Roland Arnold has set the course for the future, towards mobility without a mechanical steering column.

Developing the steering of the future

Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co. KG is a company specialising in the development of fail-safe drive-by-wire systems - "Space Drive" - and chassis system solutions.
Schaeffler Paravan was founded in 2018 as a joint venture (90 % Schaeffler Technologies AG, 10 % Roland Arnold). The Space Drive system developed by Roland Arnold was completely transferred to the joint venture and will be industrialised there. Schaeffler Paravan is convinced that the future of steering is digital and multi-redundant...
Visit Schaeffler Paravan´s website and find out everything about the revolutionary drive-by-wire technology Space Drive and its exciting fields of application in vehicle manufacturing of the future.

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